Job Opportunities

The Holistic Health Community has two positions open:


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing free holistic healthcare and education in our community.  We are looking for a part time Director of Development to raise money for the purchase of land to create a Cooperative Land Trust — a  Campus dedicated to multiple endeavors to bring about Well Being from soil to soul.

20 hours per week, salary commensurate with experience


  • 10 years experience in fund raising
  • experience in grant writing
  • experience in real estate development
  • experience with and deep respect for holistic healthcare
  • a spiritual view of the world and business 

The Director of Development will:

  • attend Board business meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 4:00-6:00.
  • develop and implement a strategic plan to raise needed capital for the manifestation of PHASE TWO of our mission to acquire approximately 50-100 acres of land as the location for our vision of a Holistic Hub of Well Being. The land will be diversified, including farm land, forest, and water, in addition to sites for building.
  • manage the capital fundraising campaign needed to purchase the land, build a small Operations Center and install initial infrastructure on the land. This will include grant writing.
  • fine tune the existing Business Plan with a focus on PHASE TWO. This will include a description of the farming project and of the Operations Center.
  • have other fundraising duties as agreed with the Board.
  • provide monthly detailed reports to the Board of Directors.

To apply, email  holistichealthcommunity@gmail.com and attach your Curriculum Vitae.



The Treasurer is a Board Member who works pro bono. They will:

  • attend all Board meetings, currently the second and fourth Tuesday of each month 4:00–6:00pm and the second Monday of every month 9:00–11:30am.
  • prepare a budget at the beginning of each year.
  • keep copies of all approved financial reports, bank statements, deposit slips, payment request forms and any other financial or bank documents.
  • act as liaison with the HHC bookkeeper and bring monthly financial reports to the Board for approval.
  • act as liaison with the HHC accountant to prepare the annual submission of form 990 to the IRS and CHAR500 to New York State.
  • act as liaison with HHC Insurance Brokers to review policies annually and pay for policy renewals.
  • write checks for approved and pre-approved expenses if required.
  • improve forms and procedures for financial matters on an on-going basis.