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Co-creative Healing by Samuel Claiborne

I treat people with broken bones and with deep-seated emotional trauma, people who are dealing with negative external energies, and people with a single rib that’s hurting like crazy. How does that all work as a whole, is there a common denominator? Aren’t I working in vastly different areas of human health?

Ortho-Bionomy came out of Osteopathy, and so is deeply grounded in neurophysiology and anatomy. In fact, you have to successfully complete a college-level anatomy and physiology course to get certified as a practitioner in Ortho-Bionomy. But unlike Osteopathy, or Ortho-Bionomy’s own immediate predecessor, Strain-Counterstrain, Ortho-Bionomy also deals with pure energetic work, from hands off to remote work. Ortho-Bionomy acknowledges the existence of ‘subtle energy’ (also called ‘Qi’, ‘Chi’, and ‘Prana’), and the ‘aura’, or ‘field’, as I prefer to call it. It also acknowledges the concept of ‘channeling’, as the founder of Ortho-Bionomy, Arthur Lincoln Pauls, received a lot of information about how to evolve his creation from channeled information. Because it is quite grounded in Western neuroanatomy, yet also ‘aura-aware’, Ortho-Bionomy makes a great ‘container’ or ‘companion’ practice with other modalities – it plays well with most others, though not with all: Chiropractic is almost the exact opposite of Ortho-Bionomy: a vertebrae is out, the chiropractor moves it back in, which is a very allopathic approach. An Ortho-Bionomist will actually move the vertebrae farther out physically, or merely ‘nudge’ it farther out energetically, until the body becomes aware of its misalignment and self-corrects, using its own nerves and muscles, in an almost homeopathic ‘like treats like’ approach. This is why Ortho-Bionomy (or OB for short) is so gentle and non-invasive; because it forces nothing, and moves into the pattern, into comfort.

Aura-Luminance is somewhat different from Ortho-Bionomy, and I say I developed it, but not invented it, because I was born knowing how to do it, and all I’ve done over the years is extend it and get to know it better. I’ve been manipulating the human ‘field’ (aura) since I was a kid. Since I was a small child, I also ‘saw’ or ‘knew’ or ‘heard’ knowledge of disease, and also things like the weight, date and sex of unborn children in their mother’s bellies. Often, when I was quite young, women would bring their babies to me in Cobble Hill Park, in Brooklyn, to get me to get them to stop crying. I did it with energetic touch, and also with what I can only call ‘untangling’ of their field. Although OB also works with the field, the work in AuraLuminance does not always follow the principle of moving into the pattern. Rather, with AuraLuminance I often forcefully yank structures out of the field, and reshape distortions within the field. Though it is compatible with OB, AuraLuminance is something quite different. I have yet to discover if it can or cannot be taught – can people learn to feel the distortions in the human field caused by trauma and external energies that I feel? I am not sure. It is something I will be investigating in the future. Unlike many people, I don’t think everyone can be a good medical intuitive with training, or everyone can be a good Ortho-Bionomist, for that matter. Everyone can improve, with hard work, but I do believe that some are still born more talented than others in this field, just as they are in the arts or athletics.

Shamanic Psychology is another kettle of fish altogether. It consists of guided meditations, like the ‘time travel’ meditation, and also ‘question and answer’ sessions between myself and my guidance to channel specific information for my clients. How I hate the word ‘channel’, because it evokes for me some grand poohbah holding forth to all peoples about the fate of the earth. This may be real sometimes, I don’t presume to know, but I do know of many ‘channelers’ who are outright frauds in my opinion. What I do is more personal: I use my body as a pendulum often, to determine various energetic and physical conditions, and then use all the tools in my toolkit to shift and resolve those. But when I do some of the guided meditations, like the ‘time travel’ meditation, I often channel very specific and meaningful information for my clients, often directly connected to their past. This can be very healing, and very powerful. Does one really ‘travel in time’? during these meditations? I won’t fill you with a lot of pseudo-science about the quantum universe, the true nature of time, because neither I, nor probably 99% of all the people who bandy about such terms truly understand them. I can only say that it sometimes really seems like we’ve gone back to address a deep trauma, and sequelae like disassociation, self-harm, depression etc. Maybe we really go back and it ‘ripples forward’ to the present to help heal the adult client on my table, maybe not. But whatever’s ‘really’ happening, it does seem to move, shift and often deeply heal traumas of abuse, neglect, loss and grief.

I hope to learn and integrate even more techniques, and I also intend to keep studying Ortho-Bionomy until the day I die. It’s fascinating, effective, and ever-growing, as is Shamanic Psychology.

So, yes, one could say my practice is schizophrenic, but only if one sees the body, the mind, the soul, the emotions, as all separate. If one sees the body, the soma as a reflection of the soul’s work for this incarnation, as well as mirror of the emotions and traumas at play in the psyche, and of course, also a physical vessel, capable of breakage and damage like anything physical, there is no schizophrenia: your sore shoulder may indeed be from a rotator-cuff injury, or from an unwell gall bladder, or even from a severe psychological trauma you experienced, or possibly all three.

I didn’t believe this not so long ago (maybe 10 years ago). I had a huge relapse of my symptoms from my paralysis (I was a quadriplegic some 24 years ago for a short time, due to a spinal cord injury). I went to Western doctors, and also tried loads of supplements. I tried all kinds of physical therapy too, for my returning symptoms of pain and paralysis were quite explicitly physical. How amazing that the thing that finally healed these symptoms was EMDR, a therapy devised for PTSD. I had PTSD around my injury, and had never noticed it, or acknowledged it, let alone treated it. But once the traumatic charge in my brain was processed and integrated, these utterly physical symptoms disappeared. People think of ‘psycho-somatic’ as imagined. I prefer to think of it as physical disease manifested from psychic damage or disruption. There have been amazing cases, like the younjg doctor who hypnotized a boy with a horrific and ‘incurable’ skin disease, and cured it. (Details here)

There is no realistic distinction between psyche and soma – they are indivisible. That is why I treat the whole person, rather than just the body, and why I see a human being as more than a Newtonian collection of hydraulics, levers, wires and fulcrums.