Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling

Based on Eastern food philosophies and practices including Indian Ayurveda and the Chinese hot and cold food system, Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavioral change through proper nutrition, challenging the client to develop their inner wisdom, transforming goals into action. Food and mood are related. For this reason, a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor will approach any health condition by looking deeply into eating patterns. From there, the counselor will inform, educate, support, and guide clients in achieving short-term and long-term goals by identifying behavioral patterns and necessary adjustments toward enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Certification, collaboration with other health professionals, and continued research in the field of Holistic Health and Nutrition, ensures that counselors know how to work with diverse groups of people, giving them the tools that best fit their condition and needs.  

During your session, the counselor will ask you questions relative to your lifestyle, including personal and professional, to determine your constitution (dosha). She will discuss with you any health condition and concerns. Together with the client, the counselor will develop the best course of action. It is teamwork to ensure that the client is successful at achieving goals that are within their capability. With each additional session, the client will build the confidence to push further ahead, calmly. The counselor will also discuss how to include physical activity into your health and wellness regimen. Most importantly, this is about developing a happy, healthy lifestyle in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding, and that will last a lifetime.