Elizabeth Castagna ATI (with Hudson Valley Healing Project, Beacon NY)

Elizabeth Castagna is certified to teach The Alexander Technique by Alexander Technique International. and received her training with master teacher Chloe Wing in New York City. She became Chloe’s Teacher Training Assistant from 2006-2013.

Elizabeth dedicates her teaching to seeing and hearing her students clearly, supporting the unfolding of change in their body while respecting the natural pace of this movement which is unique to each individual. With an understanding that how we learn is essential to what we learn, Elizabeth integrates a variety of teaching tools into her sessions. Among them are Body Mapping, movement experiments, energy awareness and free drawing. In her visual art and teaching, she embraces the not knowing — exploring the possibilities we have to sense and connect to ourselves, each other, and our environment.

Elizabeth provides a safe, creative space for her students where they are invited to be themselves, cultivate self-awareness and embody their thoughts, gestures and sense of wonder.