Heather Fox

Heather Fox has been a dedicated facilitator of holistic healing for over 25 years. As a massage therapist, she specialized in Sports Massage and worked on world class athletes in Oregon, Montana, and Colorado. Knowing that massage was only a stepping stone into alternative healing, she started learning and integrating other modalities into her practice. Heather started training in A Touch for Health, Reiki, Crystal Light Therapy, Energy Kinesiology, and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Heather uses everything she has learned to create a very specialized treatment for her clients. Her practice is now 100% virtual and she works via video Zoom calls. As an Energy Kinesiologist, Heather uses muscle testing with verbal questions that directly communicate with your body’s unique energy system to effectively create and sustain change. Her goal is to bring forth the mental and physical healing of her clients so that they can live this amazing life they were put on this earth for.