Jazmine is a holistic practitioner, mental health educator, certified peer specialist, and trauma survivor. She is the co-founder and co-director of The Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA-NYC.org), a non-profit that merges professional and lived experience of mental health issues to advance transformative, rights-driven mental health education and community development. After receiving her degree in Applied Psychology from NYU and working in the mental health system as a crisis counselor, she became disillusioned with the system and started organizing with grassroots mental health initiatives. She later became a certified peer specialist working with those who experience extreme and altered states often labeled as ‘psychosis’. Jazmine has personal experience healing from extreme and altered states, trauma and undergoing deep spiritual awakening. Jazmine has been trained in holistic practices such as herbalism, intuitive development, energy work, totality therapy, the realization process – embodiment, and other spiritual and somatic techniques since 2011, which she uses to help others navigate the healing process. She is also on the board of Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach center for mindfulness-based freedom from addiction.


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