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Sequoia Kristal

Purslane Nutrition Consulting supports you in making your health goals a reality.


In our ever-efficient, fast-paced world, little time or thought is left for diet and self-care. The

Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is leaving Americans and beyond nutrient deficient and

chronically ill. Even though we know our bodies need the right kind of fuel to function optimally,

sometimes it’s just not that easy to set health goals and stick to them.


As a nutrition consultant, my job is to help clients make realistic, obtainable goals, and support

them in making those goals a reality. I work with clients 1-on-1, so I can make individualized

suggestions that take into account food preferences, allergies, and how much time someone

can give to making these changes. Together, we will work through a comprehensive client

intake. After our session is over, you will receive diet and lifestyle suggestions to incorporate at

your own pace, so that it can stick.


Sequoia Kristal is a certified natural chef, nutrition consultant and creator of Purslane Nutrition

Consulting. In 2016, Sequoia graduated magna cum laude from CUNY Hunter via Sierra

Nevada College, specializing in human rights and food policy. In 2020, she earned certification

from Bauman College in Berkeley, California, as both a natural chef (700 hour) and nutrition

consultant (875 hour).


Sequoia has been working in the food service industry for over 15 years, including managing a

restaurant in Upstate New York. While in Berkeley, she was a sous chef at Komaaj, a brand

specializing in Northern Iranian cuisine, working under chef Hanif Sadr. Sequoia is currently

focused on growing her private practice as a nutrition consultant.