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Our Future Vision

“… a new world can arise, not to be constructed by our minds so much as to emerge from our dreams. Even though we cannot see clearly how it’s going to turn out, we are still called to let the future into our imagination. We will never be able to build what we have not first cherished in our hearts.”
—Joanna Macy




It is our intention to acquire land where we can create a Holistic Hub of Possibility. We envision a Holistic Community Center on the land, constructed according to the principles of sacred geometry, harmonic resonance and natural building, demonstrating what is possible in the interaction of architectural structure with consciousness and healing.

We intend to create a cooperative land grant model, where the purpose of the land is Holistic Healing based on connection, cooperation and reciprocity. The land will not belong to anyone. It will belong to all who share it with common purpose, held as a legacy for future generations.

A portion of the land will be devoted to resilient and regenerative agriculture, food-producing practices that work in balance with the natural world. These practices build a living soil rich in microorganisms and produce an abundance of clean nutrient-dense foods to help build healthy, vibrant people, a cornerstone of holistic health. This farming project will be a training ground for the local community, including underserved peoples, to learn the skills to gain “Food Sovereignty.”

Our land and Holistic Community Center will provide space for a wide variety of programs such as regenerative farming, holistic healing, qigong, yoga, cooking, visual arts, theater, movement, and film. Through these programs, we intend to create a web of inter-connection within our local community. In turn, this will create a connection between holistic practitioners, teachers from a variety of disciplines, and others from our local community and beyond, providing a template for how to transform society collaboratively and support the conscious evolution of humanity.



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