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Meet Our Volunteer Staff

Governing Council

Alan Hayes, Treasurer

Cornelia Wathen, MA, Secretary

Cristina Bornstein, Director

Danica Pierre-Louis, Director

Donna Nisha Cohen, MS, President

George Jacobs, Director

Larry Brown, Project Director

Office Manager

Laurie Giardino


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Alannah Henneberry, Director of OutreachShamanic Reiki
Amber Adams, MHC, RYTSpiritual Counseling and/or Yogic Embodiment Techniques
Ami Iayaprada Hirschstein CAP, C-IAYTAyurveda Wellness Consultations
Marma Therapy
Amy McTearNeurOptimal® Neurofeedback
Amy TripiShamanic Reiki
Craniosacral Therapy
Anna Schlosser, RNTransformational Coaching
AnnMarie TedeschiHerbal Health Consultation
Charlotte von HemertGentle Yoga for the Nervous System
Cornelia Wathen, MAEmotion Code
Brennan Healing Science
Cristina Bornstein, DirectorEden Energy Medicine
Dahlia Jarrett, BFA. MA, ATRArt Therapy
Deb DiPietroOne Light Healing Touch
Diana Gongora ATR-BC, LCATPsychotherapy/ Art Therapy
Diana Seiler, LMT, Director Soil to SoulThai Massage
Diane B. Silverberg, LACAcupuncture
Donna Nisha Cohen, MSYoga Therapy
Drew MinterFeldenkrais
Elizabeth GrossHerbal Health Consultation
Geena RoseReiki with Crystal Healing
George JacobsPsychoSpiritual Counseling and Coaching
Gerald Wintrob, MA, ODHolistic Optometry
Greg MaddenBiophoton Therapy  (Biontology)
Heather FoxEnergy Kinesiology
Helen Newman, PhD, RPPCouples Therapy
Jadina Lilien MFA CPFSystemic Ancestral Constellations
Jesse SchererMassage
Joanna LeffeldHealing Your Money Story
John Ellsworth, LMTMassage
Jude SmithCrystal Dreaming®
Judy SwallowRubenfeld Synergy®
Karin ReynoldsLife Coaching
Kate Anjahlia LoyeSoul Listening
Katie ToddThe Flow of Grace
Katy Bray, CCHHomeopathic Inquiry
Ken Harris MS, DCAttunement
Kris JourneyAstrological Consultations
Larry BalestraReiki
Lauren Schaub MolinoBrennan Healing Science
Linda Sparrowe, (with Hudson Valley Healing Project, Beacon NY)Yoga Therapy
Lori Gross, LMTMassage
Maritday RodriguezIET: Integrated Energy Therapy
Whole Woman Care
Mark Jordan, DCEnergetic Chiropractic
Mary ZakReiki
Maureen Smith, Master HypnotherapistHypnotherapy/Past Life Regression Therapy
Mercedes CeciliaJin Shin Jyutsu
Nancy Plumer, MSOne Light Healing Touch
Nandini Natasha AustinAyurveda Wellness Consultations
Nurit Nardi, MA  LMT  RCSTFocusing Oriented Therapy
Peri Rainbow, MPS, OMAccelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
Pete CrottyAstrological Consultations
Music Sessions by Zoom
Phoebe Sumitra LainFlower Essence Therapy
Rob Norris, LMTReconnective Healing
Robert Lesnow, DC, CDNSpinal Balancing
Sarah CarlsonChumpi Illumination or CHILL
Health Coaching with Specialization in healing Lyme, Breast Cancer, and chronic illness
Sequoia KristalNutrition Consultation
Sharon LococoMatrix Energetics
Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.DHealth and Longevity Coaching
ShivaRam Wolfgang ThomYoga of Effortless Relaxation
Shulamit ElsonMediSounds®
Sigrid D’AleoCraniosacral Therapy
Stephanie RookerVoice Journey®
Suzanne BottiglieroReflexology
Tayésha "Ty" MelyDoula Services: Birthing Education
Theresa Lyn WidmannReiki and Tuning Forks
Life Coaching: Wheel of Life Exercise
Therese BimkaSoulCollage®
Vicki Kramer NathanLife Coaching
Virginia Doran, M.Ac., L.Ac., LMTAuricular Acupuncture
Wendy Blair, LCSW-REmotional Freedom Techniques (aka: EFT or “tapping“)
Wendy Wolosoff-HayesSpacious Heart Guidance

Administrative Volunteers

Alex Kahn

Anne Marsiio

Barbara Dibeler

Bill Irving

Bob Capozzi

Chana Patricia Lunior

Deborah Gordon Brown

Donna Nisha Cohen, MS

Francine Vidal

George Jacobs

James Casey

Joann Decours

Jolie Barra

Josephine Sweeney

Larry Brown

Lee Courtney

Patricia Englert

Patricia Yorks

Reenie Gordon

Shirley Golgoski

Susan Shaftan Perrin

Tom Hammang