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Soil to Soul

Holistic Health from Soil to Soul

Active participation in one's life within a loving community supports optimal wellbeing. 

The Holistic Health Community is committed to supporting all people in creating more balance and health in their lives.  Through a wide array of health supportive modalities the HHC offers care to the public free of charge.  Sacred reciprocity is the exchange.  We ask folks to give back by offering a donation or paying-it-forward through volunteering or doing a generous act of kindness.

Connecting with nature is paramount in living a vibrant life.  Earth connective practices of simply being in nature to the practices of building healthy soil and making healthy food choices are of such importance at this time.  Healthy soil creates healthy food.  Food is the original medicine. 

Soil to Soul provides earth connection programming throughout the four seasons.  This programming promotes a full spectrum of practices in connection to food, land and community, as well as experiences and perspectives that consider the cycles of life; all aiming to support a healthy mind-body-spirit and Earth.  

Bird watching, flower arranging, farming, fermenting veggies, making herbal remedies and cooking nutrient-dense meals; to sprouting microgreens, propagating houseplants, planting seeds and composting, are all learning opportunities through Soil to Soul which promote holistic health in its participants through hands-on activities that exercise the mind-body-spirit and celebrate the vital relationships to one's environment and the food that we eat. 

Regenerative farming practices highlight the life force energy that heals, supports and sustains wellbeing available in the natural environment and vibrant in nutrient-dense foods that people can grow themselves, harvest wild or source within their community.  

We give back to the Earth through the little choices we make each day as well as the practices of composting and growing plants that capture carbon, nourish soil and make the environment beautiful.  

From these practices we lead happier lives and from a healthy mind-body-spirit imagination soars!


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Join Aileah and friends at Clove Valley Community Farm!  These events are truly fabulous and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon~evening.  
Aileah and the farm community practice regenerative farming practices using a no-till soil building method to optimize the health of the soil - building nourishing soil for nutrient rich veggies to grow.  
Located on beautiful land under an open sky.  
Come join the fun!
Park to the left of the barn.
81 Clove Valley Rd, High Falls, NY


Have you heard of HUDSY TV? 


I’ve long been wanting to give a shout out to the beautiful and brilliant work of local filmmakers HUDSY TV: https://watchlocal.hudsy.tv/
See Instagram links below to check out the films HUDSY has produced in honor of the Earth ~ the Hudson River, local farms, and the Hemlock trees! 
What is HUDSY?  Community-inspired TV celebrating regional stories: entertaining series, compelling documentaries, engaging local stories & more!
The Hudson River: 
Local Farms: 
This Organic Life (This is a series! Look for other episodes!)
Against the GRAIN
And a highlight on the BIPOC local food entrepreneurs Seasoned Delicious: 
Seasoned Delicious Foods (Become a member to watch: https://watchlocal.hudsy.tv/)


"It is not the soil itself,
it's the soil life
that is the most important element."
       ~ Geoff Lawton


Enjoy this video by Sadhguru of SaveSoil


Interested in joining our team! Our goal is to engage the public in connecting the dots between the cycles of life, ways to be in relationship with the natural world, and accessible means for feeding our guts with healthy "soil" for a healthy mind-body and soul!  If this speaks to you, please reach out!  We'd love to meet you.

REACH OUT If you'd like to offer a program through Soil to Soul.

Get outside and be well!

Diana Brenes Seiler, LMT
Director of Soil to Soul Programs
Texting is great, or call: 845-641-5311


We are grateful to the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation for their support in making Soil to Soul programming possible.