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Diversity Initiative

With new awareness we grow and shape the future. We recognize the need to diversify our clientele and providers so to be ever more holistic and in turn more vibrant and healthy from it. We are extending ourselves to the BIPOC community (the acronym stands for Black, Indigenous and People Of Color) in hopes to serve, collaborate and build our community together. 


Racial diversity within the field of holistic health is needed so that we each have an equal opportunity to prevent, care-for and treat ourselves, our families and our communities naturally and non-invasively.

Herbs have been human allies since our beginning though the knowledge and use of them as medicine isn’t common practice. We offer Plants as Medicine in hopes to shift this.

The FREE Plants as Medicine series started on February 28th with a class on Fire Cider with AnnMarie Tedeschi.

WANTED: We are looking to serve BIPOC individuals interested in herbal studies and additionally we’re looking for BIPOC herbalism teachers interested in teaching as the series continues. We can offer compensation through a grant that the HHC received.  Our HHC herbalist volunteer of many years, AnnMarie Tedeschi, has kicked off the series with a Fire Cider class. 

All of our offerings are free to the public though donations are welcomed and appreciated.

This series is a FREE offering through the Holistic Health Community in collaboration with the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation aiming to serve the BIPOC community.  Each class has its own registration. Stay tuned as the class schedule develops. Please spread the word!



Write to info@holistichealthcommunity.org to make sure you're on our DIVERSITY INITIATIVE mailing list!



Soul Spa Wellness Weekend for BIPOC Community Leaders. DHARMAKAYA CENTER IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THIS FREE RESTORATIVE WEEKEND IN JULY The event is co-sponsored by the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing, the Hudson Valley Guild of Mental Health Professionals, and the Holistic Health Community in collaboration with the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation. READ ABOUT IT HERE in Chronogram Magazine



Intro to Spiritual Herbalism: Understanding the Elements and Connecting with the Spirits of Nature with Suanny Upegui, Sunday May 30, 2021, 4:30 - 6:00 pm.
Join us to explore and understand the spirit realm of plant medicine and how to be in relationship with their intelligence for healing. We will also share ways you can connect with the spirits of nature and understand the elements to help us identify easy ways to support people in their healing journey. If you missed Suanny’s presentation here is a link to the recording on our YouTube Channel.
Let’s make FIRE CIDER!!  Sunday, February 28, 2021, 4-5:30pm on Zoom
Fire Cider (a traditional remedy made by infusing apple cider vinegar with garlic, hot peppers, horseradish & other spicy herbs.) Class handout with recipe: Fire Cider: Back on the Scene by AnnMarie Tedeschi



  • TMI Project: Black Trans Stories Matter. Host a viewing and lead a discussion: https://www.tmiproject.org/black-trans-stories-matter/
  • Rootwork Herbals  https://www.rootworkherbals.com/
  • Wild Gather: Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies http://www.wildgather.com/
  • Seeds of Herbalism Self-Study Program  https://wildgather.podia.com/seeds-of-herbalism-self-study
  • Mandana Boushee(ماندانا) is an Iranian-American herbalist, storyteller, gardener, and educator at Wild Gather: Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies. https://www.mandanaboushee.com/copy-of-workshops
  • Herban Cura herbancura.com (with BIPOC scholarships)
  • Jalal Sabur is a founder of Sweet Freedom Farm in Millerton, NY. Here's an article about the farm and their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/sweetfreedomfarm/
  • From the Wild Seed Community network page: http://www.wildseedcommunity.org/: Northeast Farmers of Color Network, Hudson Valley Community Wealth Fund, and the Institute of Afrofuturist Ecology. BrotherHood SisterSol, Truthworker Theater Company, FARMroots Beginning Farmer Program, the Hurricane Season Curriculum, Kite's Nest, SBK Social Justice Center, Oppression in the Soma, and Old Money / New Systems.
  • THE NORTHEAST FARMERS OF COLOR NETWORK REGIONAL LAND TRUST NEFOC (the informal mutual aid alliance of B.I.P.O.C earth stewards launched at WILDSEED in 2016) now has 115 members, 9 devoted council members, and 2 brilliant co-coordinators, working together to form a regional land trust as part of liberating the land and her peoples.
  • True Foods Preservation Collective https://truefoodshv.com/ - Creative Storehouse & Bartering Hub - A black-led, grassroots organization which is creating a storehouse of preserved, local organic foods for our community in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Join the collective!
  • Peoples Wellness Initiative - PWI - Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Omnymyst https://www.omnymyst.com/ - Consults with people and organizations to build equity, interdependence, and authentic connection.
  • RADIO KINGSTON, Kingston, NY: https://radiokingston.org/
    • Radio Show - Let's Talk Kingston. Host: Erica Brown https://radiokingston.org/en/broadcast/lets-talk-kingston - Radio show, Let's Talk Kingston, shares what services, programs and opportunities Non-profit organizations are offering to the Kingston community.
    • Radio Show - Nubian Cafe. Hosted by: Shaniqua Bowden https://radiokingston.org/en/broadcast/nubian-cafe - A weekly talk and music program covering a variety of experiences, issues, and challenges from the perspective of women of color.  We’ll also connect with some smooth Neo-Soul music, interviews, laughter, and much more.
    • Radio Show - La Voz. Host: Mariel Fiori (Fiori is co-founder and managing editor of La Voz magazine) https://radiokingston.org/en/hosts/mariel-fiori Knowledge is power. La Voz con Mariel Fiori is an inspirational daily Spanish language show that serves the local Spanish language communities with information that can rarely be found elsewhere. We have a local focus, Kingston and the Mid-Hudson Valley, and every day we tell the stories of the people who choose this area to live and work. 
    • Radio Show - Harambee Radio. Hosted by: Tyrone Wilson & Jessieca McNabb https://radiokingston.org/en/broadcast/harambee-radio Harambee by definition means ‘to bring people together’. Harambee Radio brings community together by speaking with local influencers of change. The show explores how people of color, both past and present, contribute to Kingston and the Hudson Valley.
  • Rise Up Kingston, Kingston, NY. https://riseupkingston.org/ - A grassroots organization dedicated to dismantling the structures of racism & oppression.
  • Soul Fire Farm, Petersburg, NY. https://www.soulfirefarm.org/ - An Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system.
  • EXCELLENT RESOURCES provided by Soul Fire Farm, Petersburg, NY. https://www.soulfirefarm.org/resources/
  • Harambee, Kingston NY. https://www.harambeekingstonny.org/ - Harambee is a mid-Hudson valley coalition that supports and promotes the strength of our community through cultural and educational events that enriches the lives of youth and adults.
  • BLACK STORIES MATTER: TMI Project (Changing the World One Story at a Time) https://www.tmiproject.org/blackstoriesmatter/ Supports and amplifies Black voices, shares resources, and inspires anti-racist action. Black Stories Matter provides Black-led true storytelling workshops. Black Stories Matter supports and is aligned with the mission of Black Lives Matter.
  • Citizen Action NY https://citizenactionny.org/ - A grassroots membership organization taking on big issues that are at the center of transforming society.
  • PANJA, based in Newburgh, NY. https://www.panjaculture.com/ - PANJA is a culture + wellness studio that fosters a holistic approach to health of the mind, body, spirit.
  • Clove Valley Community Farm, High Falls, NY. https://www.clovevalleycommunityfarm.com/ - A small beyond-organic veggie farm & education center. The farm hosts a diverse range of interns and volunteers and holds many inclusive events - everyone is invited. The farm is literally powered by community!
  • Black Creek Farm and Nursery, Highland, NY. https://bcfnursery.com/ - We offer consulting services for resilient ecological design, be it gardening help, home orcharding, large scale Agro-forestry, or site water management. We also install designs such as plantings, creating gardens, building ponds, and other earthworks.
  • Worker Justice Center of New York https://www.wjcny.org/ Pursues justice for those denied human rights with a focus on agricultural and other low wage workers, through legal representation, community empowerment and advocacy for institutional change.
  • NoBody Leaves Mid-Hudson https://nobodyleavesmidhudson.org/ - A grassroots organization bringing people together to fight for a Hudson Valley that works for all of us!
  • Kingston Land Trust - LAND MATCHING PORTAL: https://kingstonlandtrust.org/initiatives/land-matching
  • LAND IN BLACK HANDS: https://kingstonlandtrust.org/initiatives/land-black-hands
  • COMIDA Y TIERRA: https://kingstonlandtrust.org/initiatives/comida-y-tierra


Resources shared at the Land in Black Hands event: