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Self-Care Classes

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We offer new wisdom from our amazing practitioners monthly in Self-Care Classes Every 4th Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise stated). Visit our Calendar of Events.


The Gift of Self-Care

Self-Care is the future of our health and well-being! It’s preventative, non-invasive, natural, and empowering! We want to give you a healthy Self-Care tool bag, so you have easy tools for immediate results. Self-Care is a daily practice, and you will feel the difference.

Self-Care can simply be taking the time for yourself! It can be as easy as taking a shower or you can dive deeper and learn specific tools to address specific conditions, like stress…that’s a common one! Using Self-Care awakens your inner healer. Our bodies wisdom knows what to do when given any opportunity to activate and enhance our physical and non-physical bodies. The great thing about self-care is that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what physical, mental, or energetic condition you are in, Self-Care has a solution for you. This is not in place of traditional medicine but a complementary to it.

Free Monthly Self-Care Classes was an original program of the Holistic Health Community (HHC) and now we are excited to offer you this again! In every class you will be given easy Self-Care tools you can use daily to enhance your life. Our intention is for you to have a healthy Self-Care tool bag so you can immediately begin to increase your sense of well-being.

As most of you know, we must be our own health advocates. We need to learn to listen to our bodies and to have the tools to rebalance, ground, heal and transform our lives through our own Self-Care Tool Bag and that is what we will bring to our community once a month in person at the Marbletown Community Center in Stone Ridge NY (unless otherwise stated) and worldwide through streaming as well as the class being available here on our website. 

Empowering you with Self-Care is an important act of kindness to yourself. It gives you the chance to take control of your own health and well-being. You will learn to listen to your body and begin to feel and understand your own energy. Having a personal Self-Care Tool Bag changes lives by raising your own vibration, the people around you, your community, and your world.  We invite you to join us on this journey!

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