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“Ayurvedic Health of She:Womyn” with Lauryn Bellafiore

Free Holistic Self-Care Class

Sponsored by The Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community

Held at Marbletown Community Center the first Thursday of each Month

7:00-8:30 PM


Join us Thursday, February 4th for

“Ayurvedic Health of She:Womyn”   With Lauryn Bellafiore


For this class we will hone in on honoring the health of women. This is much more than honoring the physical health. It is about receiving and using all that Mother Nature has provided for us to cultivate a sense of self love, self adornment, and worship so that our very being & the atmosphere we create is an offering to the divine, to our relationships and to the world.

The breasts have been used in symbolism since time immemorial. They have represented love and fertility, sex and pleasure, our primal need for motherly love, support, security, care, and nourishment.

We will discuss: The sacred art of abhyanga (self oil massage), care of the breasts, breast health & breast beauty, care of the Yoni,  & herbal medicines specifically for womeyn. We will share how to cultivate an atmosphere of honoring the Goddess in our home and throughout our lives.

Lauryn Bellafiore, Certified Ayuredic Practitioner, Certified Biodynamic grower, Medicine curator. Having studied and lived in India, Lauryn encourages bringing forth the connection of body, mind, soul and sense organs through providing: Ayurveda, Abhyanga massage, PanchaKarma detoxification, self care/lifestyle practices. For more information:  https://m.facebook.com/suryachandraayurveda.