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Breath Medicine: A Sonic Breathwork Ceremony

Free Holistic Self-Care Classes

Sponsored by The Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community

Held at Marbletown Community Center | 1st Thursday Monthly | 7-8:30pm

Within the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community, healthcare takes body, mind, emotions, and spirit into account. As health issues are addressed, individuals play an active and responsible role in the healing process. To help community members learn how to help themselves, we offer a series of monthly classes in holistic self-care. Your body knows how to heal itself when given the proper support. Come and learn a variety of methods to support your own well-being.

Join us Thursday, September 6th for

Breath Medicine: A Sonic Breathwork Ceremony

With Renee Finkelstein: *7-9pm

Breathwork is a very simple but very effective guided breathing practice that assists in relaxation, self-connection and the release of painful cellular memory. The facilitator accompanies the practice with layered melodies in English and Sanskrit. The music roots uplifting messages in the mind and heart to support healing and transformation. Intentional breathing increases the energy flow in the body to a highly amplified state that clears stagnant energy and anxiety.
Renee Finkelstein aka Radharani is a vocalist and producer of chant-based music. She studied Rebirthing Breathwork with its founder, Leonard Orr and pairs the process with her music. She leads kirtan and breathwork at ashrams and festivals and sings for Jewish and multi-faith communities. Her first original album received acclaim around the globe. She is about to release her second album. Learn more at www.radharanimusic.com