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Decoding Your Dreams with Nurit Nardi

Join us Thursday, November 3rd for

Decoding Your Dreams with Nurit Nardi


“I wonder what this dream means…”

Did you ever wonder how dreams can enhance your growth and self- discovery? Do you know that dreams, if understood, are a powerful resource for better understanding yourself and the complexities of your life? They tell you: who you are, what you are capable of, where you are blocked, and how to transform.

In this class, Nurit will introduce working with dreams as a way of transforming the life patterns trapped within the subconscious that block you from experiencing positive changes in your life.

You will: Connect your dreaming to your body. Practice dreaming exercises in order to feel and experience its wonderful possibilities. Learn what dreams are about and why you don’t have to constantly run to the dream dictionaries as a way of “understanding” the message of your dreams

Nurit Nardi LMT, holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, is a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and teacher. She is also a certified practitioner at the School of Images under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Shainberg, the school’s founder.  Dr. Shainberg, author of two books about dream work, follows in the lineage of her teacher, Mm. Colette Aboulker. Nurit sees clients one on one using her varied holistic methods. www.nuritnardi.com