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Healing Energy from Around the World with Jason Elias

Join us Thursday, October 6, 2016 for

Healing Energy from Around the World with Jason Elias

Jason Elias, local acupuncturist, herbalist and nationally acclaimed author and healer will talk about his quest in search of healing. This quest took him around the globe to Esalen, Japan, Philippines and India as detailed in his new memoir “Kissing Joy As It Flies.

 Jason ELias

Jason will share experiences about his travels and apprenticeships with many Masters. He will also offer experiential exercises in connection with healing forces as practiced in these differing cultures.


Jason uses the term The Five Element system of healing which is based on the presence of inner energy. When this energy is flowing rightly, it promotes health, and when blocked, can lead to disease. In his forty years of practice, he has found that when the body is carefully nurtured, it has the innate wisdom to heal itself.

Jason has a practice in New Paltz: Integral Health Associates and in New York City. He is the author of four books: Healing Herbal Remedies, Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity, Feminine Healing, and Kissing Joy As It Flies. jasonforhealth@gmail.com