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HOME FUNERALS with Krista Marshall

Join us Thursday, July 7th for

Home Funerals with Krista Marshall

It’s our birth-rite to have a meaningful death-rite. We spend a great deal of time planning for life’s big events such as births and weddings. We consider our options and make choices for ceremonies based on what suits our beliefs, values, and lifestyle. Why shouldn’t we also give time to the planning of funerals? Funerals are an opportunity to fully honor our loved ones.

This class is an introduction for those who are eager to reclaim death as a natural rite of passage in community. Home funerals are a loving, legal, eco-friendly, family-centered and financially responsible option that feels very natural and normal.

Krista Marshall

Krista’s career spans 24 years working with women and families in conscious transitions from birth to death. During the last 14 years, Krista studied with several indigenous elders in the art of death and grieving rituals, initiation and healing ceremonies. Contact her at: kristamarshall22@gmail.com