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Homeopathic Kit for Radiation Emergencies

by  Nancy Eos, MD

Radiation hazards to human health appears to be the topic of today.  Examples: the actuality of nuclear plant leaks even at Indian Point in New York State, earthquakes as in Japan causing secondary radioactive spills into the atmosphere, Geiger counter alarms when testing fracking fluids, and even roentgen therapy for cancers in our loved ones.

What to do?

How do we protect ourselves and our children?  What do we do when we see signs of radiation poisoning?  Do you think there is something holistic we can do?

If you answered  “YES!”  then you are correct.  Yes, there are many ways to help yourself and others.  For this article we’ll just explore (1) a dietary response and (2) the Homeopathic Kits response.

The items to add to your diet to help sustain your body through radiation exposure are:  seaweed, rice and miso.

The remedies for a Homeopathic Kit for Radiation Emergencies are:

Basic Kit Remedies:  Radium-bromatum, Aconite, Arnica, and Carbo-vegetalis.

Nutrition Remedies:  Naturm-muriaticum, Kali-phosphoricum, Silica, Natrum-sulphuricum, Calcarea-sulphuricum, and Calcarea-phosphoricum.

Advanced Kit Remedies: add to the above 10 remedies the following 14 remedies:   Arsenicum-album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calcarea-carbonicum, Cantharus, China, Ferrum-metallicum, Hammamellis, Ipecac, Ledum, Mercurius, Sulphur, Terabinthinum, and Veratrum-album.

A major remedy is Radium-bromatum because it is potentized radiation.  The potentizing process is the dilution and succussion performed by the homeopathic pharmacy while making a remedy. After the process there is NO radiation in the final product.  The pellets sold as “Radium-bromatum” have NOTHING in them but the energy imprint of radiation.  The energy imprint on the pellets helps to bring the body back into balance if the body is out of balance due to exposure to radioactivity.

Whether from a sudden nuclear plant leak, radioactive waste uncovered, or a terrorist event, the immediate target problem from high radiation poisoning is the skin.  Later, problems show up in the digestive system, lungs, blood, nerves, kidneys, heart, the endocrine system, and finally, the immune system is depleted leading to infection, rheumatism and then cancer.

These pellets of Radium-bromatum may be taken once a month for prophylaxis before a severe event to avoid an overreaction to exposure. Or they may be taken several times a day after an event to neutralize the radiation effects.  Or they may be taken once a day over a period of time to help in a cure from radiation poisoning.

The remedies for the kits are available at health food stores where homeopathics are sold over the counter or online from Homeopathic Pharmacies.

Aconite is the second remedy in the Emergency Kit.  Aconite energy is to balance the fear.  A normal amount of fear is okay but if there is an overreaction leading to imbalance, then Aconite pellets are taken.  Aconite is taken for any kind of emotional injury.

Arnica is the third remedy in the Kit.  Arnica energy is to balance trauma.  Arnica helps soft tissues to heal and helps with the shock of flight or fight.  Arnica is taken for any kind of physical injury.

Carbo-vegetalis is for when people have given up.  When taken, the Carbo-vegetalis energy can help jump-start the person again and keep them going for a bit longer.

To use the rest of the remedies in the Nutrition and Advanced Kits is a longer process to learn.  If you wish a short synopsis, you may e-mail me at drnancy@drnancyeos.com .

May you receive all you need to energetically return to your balance point after the worldwide concern over radiation exposure consequences.

Dr. Nancy Eos, Family and Holistic Medicine, 71 North Main Street, Liberty NY 12754, 845-292-0522.

My favorite homeopathic pharmacy for Radium bomatum 30C is in California: Hahnemann Labs:  888-4-Arnica or 888-427-6422

The following living prayers are from The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine May 2011 pages 4 and 6 with emphasis mine:

A Living Prayer:

“I am asking that radioactivity transform and become something that is safe for all beings.”

A Living Prayer:

I am asking that all of Mother Earth’s memory materials [especially uranium] be reunited with her, no matter where they are or what they are doing, and help her to remember all that she needs to remember now.”