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Integrative Healing: The Pachua Center




Join us Thursday, July 17th for 

Integrative Healing: The Pachua Center

 with Nadia Mancuso Boyd and Thomas Workman


Join Therapist and Spiritual Counselor Nadia Mancuso Boyd, and Shamanic and Sound Healer and Multi-Instrumentalist Thomas Workman, as they lead you through an integration of meditation, visualization, breath work as well as vibrations and frequencies of sound for a healing experience that opens deep portals to healing of body mind and spirit.


The Pachua Center (pachuacenter.org.) is a center for the integration of diverse modalities of healing and faith based practices. By honoring diversity, The Pachua Center hopes to bring greater unity and well- being to individuals and communities.


Thomas Workman, Shamanic and Sound Healer is a celebrated performer who uses didgeridoo, conch shells, flutes of bamboo and more, with a high degree of musicianship, creating a healing atmosphere.

Nadia Mancuso Boyd is a trained Psychotherapist and Spiritual Counselor engaged in ongoing studies in spirituality that integrate modalities such as meditation, visualization and energy work.