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Katy Bray, CCH

Katy is a Classical Homeopath in practice for 24 years in New Paltz, NY and NYC.  She holds a B.A.in Psychology, is a graduate of the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy and nationally certified in Classical Homeopathy from the US Council for Classical Homeopathy.  In creating Integral Homeopathics Katy blends CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY, a stimulus to the vital energy using plant, animal and mineral substances in potentized form,  DREAMWORK, a way of conversing with our intuitive voice and MINDFULNESS REFLECTIVE PROCESS, a conversational mirroring of what a symptom pattern is expressing.  Practicing Integral Homeopathics, Katy brings her experience as a clinical supervisor for the School of Homeopathy in NYC, a study of the work of C.G. Jung, the study of sandplay therapy, dance/movement experience and over 30 years of meditation practice. Katy is a meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and has served a 3 year term as Executive Director of Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center.