Kris Journey

Kris Journey has been absorbing astrology for more than 15 years via intensive self-study and classes with master astrologers. She lives in the mid-Hudson Valley. I live in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley, where I hike regularly with my lab/Dane mix. With a 1st house Libra stellium (Juno-Mercury-Mars-Pluto) trined by Jupiter in Gemini from the 9th, I’m a trauma-sensitive feminist committed to fairness and social equality. With Moon conjunct Neptune and Venus on the Ascendant, I’m intuitive and attuned to creativity in its myriad forms. As a double Virgo, I’m also a devoted researcher in touch with everyday life. As a rich symbolic language that connects the cosmos with individual lives and even the fate of countries, astrology encompasses my deepest loves: philosophy, psychology, mythology, politics, collective life, community, and social change. I also have a successful career in publishing with a focus in health, academia, and progressive politics, all of which make their way into my philosophy of astrology. A member of NCGR and AYA.