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REDISCOVER EASE: Let the Alexander Technique Lighten the Way

Join us Thursday, May 5th for

Rediscover Ease: Let the Alexander Technique Lighten the Way with Allyna Steinberg

If you’re looking to reduce tension, recover from an injury, or gain greater coordination and appreciation for your body, the Alexander Technique can help. This experiential class will introduce you to basic concepts of the Alexander Technique including the head-neck relationship which affects the way we move and feel. With attention to experiential anatomy, you will learn how to rediscover ease by applying these new ideas in your daily life. The Alexander Technique was developed over 100 years ago and has been featured by the Mayo clinic, British Medical Journal, NPR, Oprah Magazine and many other places. www.AlexanderTechniqueForLiving.com.

Allyna Steinberg

Allyna Steinberg has practiced the Alexander Technique for over 15 years. She has used the technique to relieve pain, heal and regain strength after surgery, improve posture and more. Allyna completed a 1,600 hour teacher training at the Balance Arts Center in New York City. She is committed to improving health and wellness via innovative and creative applications of the Alexander Technique and also holds a Master of Public Health degree. Private sessions are available in Stone Ridge and NYC.