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Resilience – Gifts of Adversity with Meagan Lara Shapiro

Free Holistic Self-Care Classes

Sponsored by The Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community

Held at Marbletown Community Center | 1st Thursday Monthly | 7-8:30pm

Within the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community, healthcare takes body, mind, emotions, and spirit into account. As health issues are addressed, individuals play an active and responsible role in the healing process. To help community members learn how to help themselves, we offer a series of monthly classes in holistic self-care. Your body knows how to heal itself when given the proper support. Come and learn a variety of methods to support your own well-being.

Join us Thursday, January 4th for

Resilience – Gifts of Adversity

with Meagan Lara Shapiro

We fall and get up, we fall again and this time maybe we don’t get up…seems there’s no way through. How do we carry on? What is there to hold on to? Resilience is what we discover as we cycle through the stages of transformation and growth that reveal our gifts and challenges. Through this warm and safe gathering of like-souls, and through the practices of Heart-Centering, Self-Inquiry, and the Sacred Arts we turn to our inner life and surface with treasures of support: greater awareness of personal patterns; tools for navigating the healing journey, an embodied experience of resilience; acknowledgement of the gifts and tools that are already ours.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. No prior experience necessary.

Meagan Lara Shapiro is an Artist, Intuitive Guide and Certified Life Coach, former Art Education Consultant and Staff Developer in NYC. Her training in body and energy systems includes: advanced study of Authentic Movement, Reiki Master Certification, and initiation as A Oneness Deeksha practitioner. Meagan has been guiding people through transformative experiences that lead to greater awareness and wellness for the past 20 years. She offers custom designed rituals and guided healing sessions and facilitates ongoing groups. www.meaganlarashapiro.com