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Self-Reflexology with Suzanne Bottigliero

Join us Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Self-Reflexology with Suzanne Bottigliero

 “Reflexology is an alternative holistic healing technique that uses pressure and reflex points to induce a state of balance and harmony – allowing the body, mind and spirit to heal. It is an ancient form of medicine going back at least 5000 years to China and possibly older to the tombs in Egypt. Reflexology assists in breaking up blockages and allows the chi to flow – ultimately leading to well-being.”

This class will give you some useful information and techniques for “first aid” and preventive methods for aches, pains, colds, relief of congestion in the body, and general health and well-being. We will practice on ourselves and others.

Suzanne studied Reflexology at Omega Institute under Bob Wolfe. She is a Reiki Master and practices One Light Healing Touch. Her initial interest in Reflexology and Energy Work came from her own body’s negative reaction to medication and the Western approach to dis-ease. Philosophically and spiritually she connects to “healing” both for herself and others as a “joy”!