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Sound Healing With Kate Anjahlia Loye


Join us Thursday, December 3rd for

Sound Healing With Kate Anjahlia Loye


Join us in a high vibrational GONG BATH INVOCATION for awakening and peace in this New Year of 2014!

Kate Anjahlia Loye: Gong Goddess, Celestial Shaman and Intuitive Healer channels the Masters and Mothers through the cosmic overtone harmonics of her 32” Symphonic Paiste Gong, and 38” Earth Sound Creation Paiste Gong. The Gong is an ancient “wake up” bell. The vast overlays of all the sounds in the Universe reverberate within the cellular structure of your body, mind, and soul.

We will release the old, unnecessary from the past year, opening into a clearer, happier, healthier and holier space. We will unite our group consciousness and heart dreaming to invite blessings for all beings and Mother Gaia in this blessed New Year.

Kate Anjahlia’s practice of over 20 years combines her Cherokee lineage with Master Level Intuitive Healing which she calls Soul Listening, somatic emotional release, and spiritual guidance. Kate Anjahlia combines age-old traditions, Dharma, and modern psychologies. www.kateloyehealing.com   914-3888-6419