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Holistic Help for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Holistic Help for Alzheimer’s & Dementia
By Nancy Eos, MD
January 2012

Alzheimer’s disease: Alz•hei•mer’s disease (älts’hī-mərz) is a progressive form of dementia. Dementia is a severe impairment of intellectual capacity and personality. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include a pattern of forgetfulness, short attention span, difficulty in performing routine tasks, language problems, disorientation, poor judgment, problems with thinking, misplacing things, depression, irritability, paranoia, hostility, and lack of initiative.
The cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown. Late-onset cases, which are the vast majority, may be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. A quick test: advanced Alzheimer’s patients cannot draw the face of a clock with hands pointing to 2:45.
The best nutritional vitamin supplements to delay or treat the dementia are: Vitamin B-12 (1,000mcg daily), Coenzyme Q10 (up to 200mg daily), and DHA (in fish oil) (an Omega 3).

The best herbs to help are: Ginkgo biloba (up to 240mg daily – NOT with blood thinners, Vit E or other medications), Winter cherry (Ayurveda Withania somnifera), and Brahmi (Ayurveda Herpestis monniera).

Particularly pertinent homeopathic remedies for Alzheimer’s Disease are: Alumina, Ambra grisea, Argentum nitricum, Calcarea phosphorica, Fluoricum acidum, Kali bromatum and Staphysagria.

meditation 1 hour daily
exercise 1 hour daily
music/singing 1 hour daily
juicing 3 times a week
abundant fresh veggies
the Mediterranean diet
a little sunlight
learn something new everyday
honey raw unprocessed 1 tablespoonful daily
avoid processed sugars
avoid beef, avoid hormone fed foul
receive regular energy work such as Homeopathy/Chiropractic/Massage/Reiki weekly
take appropriate nutritional supplements for age and stage
apply ½ hydrogen peroxide + ½ water to your gums
5-9 hours of sleep a night regularly

NOTES: If dementia develops rather quickly (over less than 2 months), treat aggressively. Also look for allergies or sensitivities to environmental objects, changes, or foods as the initiating cause.