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Using Therapeutic Sound and Voice for Self-Care



Join us Thursday, May 22, 2014 for 

Using Therapeutic Sound and Voice for Self-Care

with Amy McTear


We are vibrational at the most basic level of our being. We are sound. Our most precious instrument of expression and one of our greatest healing tools is our voice: to relieve stress, to access emotional clarity, to achieve greater focus, to energize and activate, to shatter habitual patterns.

 Learn 5 simple ways you can use your own voice to generate greater health and well-being. Experience the recalibrating effects of therapeutic sound with the psycho-acoustic sounds of the symphonic gong, a powerful tool to dissolve emotional blockages, and stimulate the glandular system.

Amy McTear is musician, mentor and spiritual activist who empowers people to bring forth and restore inner authority to their one true voice, to uplift personal and collective well-being. She offers live interactive musical events, virtual and in-person support groups and classes, restorative retreats and intensives, and one-on-one mentoring. Learn more: www.amymctear.com