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Amy McTear

I am an inspirational speaker, teacher, writer & performer. I am a contemplative, an artist, an idealist, optimist, a dreamer and someone who likes to bring people together for positive evolution. 

I shine a light on the inner voice, the one true voice, and the importance of each one of us becoming fully intimate and aligned with our own. I believe if humans did this on a massive scale it would change our world.

I believe that there is one true voice within each of us and also one true human voice. My intention is to motivate people to the highest integrity within themselves, to bring the ultimate version of themselves to life. I live every day to achieve the same in myself.

We’re on this earth for a reason and a purpose that is unique to each of us. We’re here to learn something and to make an offering. The work for each of us is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of completing our personal life’s mission.

I also believe that we have come together at this time to create a world that clearly expresses the full capacity of the human spirit.