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Ken Harris MS, DC

Attunement was brought into its present form in 1929 through the vision and understanding of Lloyd Arthur Meeker who spoke and wrote under the name Uranda. This high spiritual technology, which includes non-touch and occasional light touch to balance energy health and healing, involves the sharing of radiant life energy to assist an individual in finding alignment and balance in body, mind, and feelings with the natural Life force of the Creator.

This primary Attunement connection with the Creator is through the endocrine system of seven ductless glands that serve as specific vibrational portals for the radiant release of one’s spirit into the physical body. Balancing the energy flow through these gateways, as well as organs, chakras, various nerve plexus, energy meridians, and bones, greatly enhances the state of health and well-being. Attunement is an opportunity to enter into the sacred inner consciousness of union where conflict, tension, and dis-ease simply do not exist, a place characterized by stillness, peace and harmony.