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Lauren Schaub Molino

Lauren Schaub Molino is a hands-on energy healer and a gemstone healer. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and has an energy healing practice out of her home in Marbletown, NY.


Energy healing will support your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can help your body feel younger and healthier, and offers improved mental clarity, soothed emotions, a greater awareness of your spiritual nature, and an integration of seemingly disconnected aspects of life.


As a mother and a nurturer, Lauren brings her heart-centered power to each session. She understands the challenges many of us face, with balancing romantic partnership, parenting, working, caring for ourselves, caring for aging relatives, owning a home, and being a friend. With compassion, authenticity, and insight, Lauren will support you in releasing what’s no longer needed and moving toward your heart’s desire.


Her clients have experienced many benefits, including enhanced relationships with families and partners, sounder sleep, improved digestion, greater clarity in decision making, a marked reduction in joint and limb pain, decreased severity and duration of headaches, reduced neck and back pain, improved alignment, more grounding and centeredness, a stronger sense of connection with the world around them, expanded creativity, and more energy for accomplishing life’s tasks and experiencing joy.