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Maritday Rodriguez

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez aka Ama’ritday~the Sacred Health Doula created Sacred Connection Health & Life Arts, in order to satisfy a growing demand for sacred space and information to assist women in all phases of their lives. She has a specialized background in skin care, reproductive/womb wellness, pregnancy, women’s health, and nutrition helping women create an effective life plan so they can have the most ideal pre and post birthing experience possible. She is a state registered ordained minister, licensed aesthetician, certified full-spectrum doula - a multifaceted passionista offering skincare, energy worker, womb healing/blessing, yoni care, antenatal, birth and postpartum care, sacred ceremonies mentorship/education and coaching(BHI & IIN) and member in good standing of HVBN, ALPP, TSBA, MHLC, HCHR, ASCP, ADDP & IHCA.