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Pete Crotty

Pete Crotty is a licensed Creative Art Therapist specializing in music (25yrs), tarot reader(30 years), astrologer (22 years), author and certified reiki healer.  After years of studying with various practitioners, studying everyone's astrological chart around him, and being a licensed therapist working with many populations, Pete has created his own style that has been helpful, healing and inspiring to the people he has worked with.  “With my knowledge of astrology and tarot, my intuitive gifts, and my history of being a licensed music therapist, I’m able to offer my clients some helpful tools to put in their toolbox so they can help guide and empower themselves to make the best out of their lives.”



  • Explores your personality, habits, traits through astrology and tarot
  • Discusses the pros and cons of your chart and how you can improve your life
  • Shows through astrology and tarot what themes in your life might best be focused on in the next year.


Music Sessions by ZOOM
As Pete plays the guitar, you are invited to sing along with programmed beats while song related videos are displayed in the background

  • Provides age related music that enhances the participants quality of life
  • Inspires the individual to sing along or play a rhythm instrument
  • Creates a positive, fun and funny environment that is stimulating and uplifting