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Homeopathy: Symptoms — Our Authentic Energetic Messengers with Katy Bray

Jun 6, 2019, 7:00–8:30 pm

Marbletown Community Center
3564 Main St., Stone Ridge, NY

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Discover a way to begin the conversation with our disharmony (dis-ease).(mind, body & spirit express the same message) In this workshop a body sensing practice will be experienced, opening a door to feeling what a symptom pattern is energetically expressing. The science and art of homeopathy is based on the ancient Vedic principle of ‘Like Cures Like’. The word homeopathy actually means similar disease. Homeopathic Pharmacies use a method of diluting and shaking (potentizing) to make the homeopathic remedies. Homeopaths match a similar remedy to a person’s symptom pattern, igniting the process of healing (vital energy). Experiencing the symptom pattern in a deep way, energetically matched by a similar potentized substance is accompanied by awareness at the level of mind, body, spirit and an unraveling of the disharmony ( symptom pattern ). As well as the experiential exercise, the workshop will include an introduction to homeopathy as a method of healing, followed by case examples and Q&A.

Katy Bray CCH is a Classical Homeopath, in practice for 29 years in NYC and New Paltz, NY. (integralhomeopathics.com)

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