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2015 Schedule

January 20             Community Holistic Healthcare Day

January 22              Holistic Self-Care Class:  NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) with                                  Bruce Schneider

January 25              RVHHC Young People’s Networking Gathering


February 5              Holistic Self-Care Class: Wise Choices for Breast Health with                                        Gary Mercurio

February 17             Community Holistic Healthcare Day

March 5                   Holistic Self-Care Class: Do-At-Home Braintraining with Lincoln                                  Stoller

March 17                 Community Holistic Healthcare Day

March 22                 Spring SOUND & ENERGY HEALING Fundraiser,
Lifebridge Sanctuary, 333 Mountain Road, Rosendale, NY 12472
5:00 to 7:30 pm

Featured Sound Healers: Steve Gorn + Amy McTear + Timothy Hill +                                  Dona Ho Lightsey + Thomas Workman + Kate Anjahlia Loye
Suggested Contribution: $20 to Unlimited (no one will be turned away)
Seating is limited to 58 people. Reserve your seats by sending your                                    check to Donna Nisha Cohen, 70 Duck Pond Road, Stone Ridge, NY                                  12484,  or call 845-430-0351 for information.

April 2                     Holistic Self-Care Class: Return to Wholeness: Working with the                                 Archetypes with Therese Bimka

April 15                   ALIVE INSIDE film screening, co-sponsored by RVHHC and
                                The Rosendale Theatre Collective
                                 7:15 PM at the Rosendale Theatre

April 21                   Community Holistic Healthcare Day

May 7                       Holistic Self-Care Class: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction                                      with Stephanie Speer

May 19                    Community Holistic Healthcare Day

June 4                    Holistic Self-Care Class:   Self-Care From Your Spacious Heart
                                 with Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes

June 16                   Community Holistic Healthcare Day

July 2                       Holistic Self-Care Class: Conversing With The Language of                                          Symptoms, with Katy Bray

July 21                     Community Holistic Healthcare Day

August 6                  Holistic Self-Care Class:  Spiritual Intelligence, with Irene Miller

August 18               Community Holistic Healthcare Day

September 3            Holistic Self-Care Class:  Envision, Create and Allow The Life                                       You Dream Of with Nancy Plumer

September 15          Community Holistic Healthcare Day

October  1               Holistic Self-Care Class: Marion Woodman Dance For                                                    Peace with Polly Howells

October 20              Community Holistic Healthcare Day

November 5             Holistic Self-Care Class: Self Reflexology with Suzanne                                                 Bottigliero

November 15            EXPLORING THE AKASHIC RECORDS with June Brought,
FREE CLASS sponsored by the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff
Foundation, 1:00-4:00 PM, Marbletown Community Center

November 17           Community Holistic Healthcare Day

December 3              Holistic Self-Care Class: Sound Healing with Kate Loye

December  15          Community Holistic Healthcare Day