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1-day course designed to cultivate your personal relationship with crystals in intuitive and practical ways

Nov 16, 2019, 10:00 am–5:00 pm

Suggested Donation $10

Marbletown Community Center
3564 Main St., Stone Ridge, NY

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The Holistic Health Community in Collaboration with the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation Present: Crystal Awareness

1-day course designed to cultivate your personal relationship with crystals in intuitive and practical ways.

• Understanding crystals and how they affect our energy
• Working with crystals for personal growth, healing, and balance
• Using crystals to expand your consciousness and that of others
• Selecting, cleansing, and programming crystals
• Creating a personal crystal toolkit
• Sacred geometry and the power of unique crystal configurations
• Working with pendulums
• Balancing the chakras using crystals

You will be trained in opening channels to the spirit world in order to facilitate inter-dimensional travel, where life-changing positive and immediate results are possible.

These advanced shamanic techniques will train you to assist your client in exploring various aspects of reality, including past life regression, allowing them to gain clarity of purpose while giving them the opportunity to integrate with their Higher Self while consciously aligning with their life plan.

This hands-on course will develop your intuitive awareness of crystals and the impact they have on oy and others, introducing techniques to use crystals for healing, wellness, and growth.


What others are saying:
“Jude Smith is one of the most kind-hearted, loving teachers I have ever worked with. Her open heart allows her students to be held in a sacred space of trust for self, classmates and teacher.”

“Jude's in-depth understanding, knowledge and experience with this work, along with her guidance, brought me to a new level of understanding of the depths of this work, which has now become a big part of my life and my practice.”

“Jude holds a tight container for us to safely learn and explore. She masterfully models many of the skills we are asked to develop in ourselves. The course is very well organized and is designed to rapidly bring participants to a level of competence.”


JUDE SMITH is an Interfaith Minister, spiritual teacher, and energy healer. A teacher at heart, she sees the commonality of the world's spiritual and wisdom traditions, and her passion is to lead others to their fullest experience of self-expression, as she supports them in discovering their own spiritual paths, languages, and understandings.

Jude is the Executive Director of the CENTER FOR AUTHENTIC LIVING, an organization committed to reminding people who they are, and to providing the tools to live from that higher place. Jude regularly facilitates private and group programs geared towards spiritual awakening. Jude is also an active ceremonies officiant, crafting customized ceremonies that capture life's transitions in ways that are sacred, elegant, meaningful and transformative.

Jude holds degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from SUNY Albany, a Masters Degree in Education from Pace University, and received her ministerial training at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Jude is a certified Crystal Dreaming shaman, practitioner and teacher, personally trained by founder Raym Richards in advanced healing techniques, shamanic journeying, and past life regression, and regularly travels throughout the US and Canada teaching her work. Jude is also an Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapist, a sophisticated Reiki-like modality, bringing over 400 hours of supervised clinical experience to her work.

Jude is motivated by her yearning to know more and a thirst for living life fully, followed by a desire to then share what she has learned - in ways that are experienced, not just understood. Jude is deeply moved by the strength and beauty of her students, and her desire is for others to see themselves through her eyes.