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SOIL TO SOUL: Indoor Composting with Worms with Johanna Hoffman of Community Compost Company

Feb 6, 2023, 12:30–2:30 pm

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

People’s Place Wellness Empowerment Center
775 Broadway, Kingston NY 12401

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AKA Home Vermicomposting

Are you interested in harnessing the many benefits of setting up
a worm bin in your home? Earthworms like red wigglers and
Indian blues not only digest food scraps that would otherwise be
destined for the landfill, they produce worm castings (worm
poop)--an excellent soil amendment.
Learn the ins and outs of vermicomposting! In this workshop
we’ll explain how worms digest organic material and create
worm castings, what worms can and can’t eat, how to set up and
maintain your worm bin at home, and how to harvest and use
vermicompost to enrich your soil and boost the health of plants.
Each participant can build a basic worm bin during the workshop. Materials and worms will be


Community Compost Company is a local, women-owned food scrap pick up service and produces organic compost and soil amendments available through our brand Hudson Soil Company. Johanna Hoffman is the Soil Specialist at Community Compost Company and Hudson Soil Company where she leads research to optimize compost quality and develop new soil products. Outside of her work with CCC, her lab, Myriad Soil Services, is certified to offer soil biology analyses. She is passionate about working with nature to heal damaged landscapes and build resilient communities from the ground up. Born and raised in the Hudson valley, she is proud to be a part of closing the loop between the local community and the land.


Instagram is: @communitycompostco and @hudsonsoilco