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LIGHTFIELD: expand your potential and create a new reality with Marika Ray

Nov 11, 2021, 7:00–8:30 pm


Online Zoom Presentation

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Join us for an online Zoom talk with Marika Ray, the Administrative Coordinator at Lightfield. Learn about the Lightfield and its newest upgrade, which surrounds you in even higher vibrational energies than before.  Find out how you can expand your own potential using Lightfield's technologies! 

In the latter part of his life, Marc Newkirk, the late Founder of Lightfield, an Ivy-League Materials Scientist and a prolific inventor, created two technologies to help you relax and de-stress to the point where you can use your own conscious awareness to begin to experiment with creating a new reality. Much of who you have perceived yourself to be comes from your own beliefs, not your biology.  As you start to understand that consciousness plays a much bigger part in your life, you see and start to know that YOU can change your biology and even your emotional nature. 

Luminaries such as Dr. Bruce Lipton (author of best-selling book, Biology of Belief), Dr. Joe Dispenza (who demonstrates going beyond personal limits in his Gaia.com program, Rewired) and the Heart Math Institute all use principles from quantum physics. They  have confirmed what we have seen at Lightfield.  When you simultaneously use your ability to visualize what you want as you open your heart, you create coherent naturally organized fields through your intentions. Doing that process in Lightfield's finely-tuned resonances and frequencies, lets you experiment in higher vibrations with how to change or influence outcomes in your life. 


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Before his passing, Marc Newkirk gave presentations for the Holistic Health Community which you can view HERE.  


Marika Ray has been an administrator and a strong proponent of the Lightfield Foundation for over 10 years.   She started out as a volunteer operator and then took over scheduling.  After the first two years, she became part of the Lightfield Team to train operators and eventually became the Operator Coordinator.  She stewarded the entire project for two years from 2015-2016.  In 2017, Marika left Lightfield and began her own holistic healing practice though she still stayed involved in Lightfield's progress, especially helping out with Community Events.  In the last two years, she rejoined Lightfield after Marc Newkirk's passing.   Marika brings knowledge, enthusiasm and love to Lightfield.  Lightfield is one of her greatest joys, and she loves to share information about it with others.


Lightfield offers both in-person and remote sessions, and offers three free sessions per month as part of the Holistic Health Community’s Virtual Holistic Healthcare Week.