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SOIL TO SOUL: Mushroom and Tree Bark ID workshop with John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi

May 18, 2024, 3:00–5:00 pm

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

Onteora Lake
Near West Hurley
The Onteora Lake parking area is on the right side of Route 28 when heading from Kingston to Woodstock (approx 3.5 miles from the traffic circle). It’s across the street from Brad’s Barns. When you see the brown sign with a fish icon, slow down and put your blinker on. Follow the gravel driveway to the lower lot and park there.

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Since mushrooms and trees have intertwined relationships, knowing your trees helps you know your mushrooms. Certain types of fungi only grow with specific trees, while others are generalists. Knowing which trees are growing in a forest alludes to which fungi we can expect to find during the changing seasons. Through recognizing a few common trees, any walk we take can bring us closer together with the interconnection under our feet and the types of mushrooms can present themselves when conditions are right. Throughout this workshop we will explore tree bark, the intersecting relationships of plants and fungi, and the mushrooms that occur from these relationships.


John Michelotti is the founder of Catskill Fungi which empowers people with fungi through outdoor educational classes, cultivation courses, mushroom art, and mushroom health extracts. John is a former President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association. He serves as Medicinal Mushroom Committee Chair and is a Poison Control Consultant for the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) where he started the NAMA Virtual Mushroom Book Club. He was chosen by the Catskill Center as a Steward of the Catskills for his contribution to the environment. His goal is to educate and inspire people to pair with fungi to improve the environment, their health, and communities.
For more info, visit: CatskillFungi.com