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Rites of Passage, Community and the Evolution of Culture with Charles Purvis

Dec 3, 2023, 4:00–6:00 pm

The Kiva
3588 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY
(behind MaMA)

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A Rite of Passage is a ceremonial practice of acknowledging life’s significant events and experiences, ones that mark a change in an individual’s role and responsibilities within family and community. Traditional societies understand the enormous generative and creative potential that awaits us at these times, and for millennium these rites have been practiced with the intention of supporting individuals and strengthening relationships within community. Drawing upon his experience with Adolescent Rites of Passage, Charles will explore the purpose and principles of these rites and how they function as a catalyst for cultural change.


Charles Purvis has worked for over 20 years with groups and individuals to foster personal and cultural development through nature connection, has created innovative and effective programs for youth, families, and adults, and has facilitated both adolescent rites of passage for boys and the cultural-community basket to hold them.