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Seasoned Gives & Holistic Health Community Present New Year, New You!

Jan 8, 2022, 12:00–5:00 pm

11 Lohmaier Lane
Lake Katrine, NY

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Come join us in this amazing journey of health and wellness. Practitioners, vendors, Health and Wellness Presentations and much more!
Seasoned Gives 11 Lohmaier Lane, Lake Katrine, NY 845-802-3317



Seasoned Gives is a nonprofit organization that creates a platform to inspire creative thinking and invoke the entrepreneurial spirit that lays in all of us. 

We focus on education and resource development for low opportunity and minority populations. We form partnerships with local and foreign school districts, independent teachers, licensed trade professionals as well as other business entities to provide a broad range of services for our beneficiaries. 

We believe we can be the change and we can come together and make a difference in ownership and equity in our community.