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SELF CARE CLASS: Global Dance Fusion with Nandini Natasha Austin

Apr 23, 2024, 7:00 pm–

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

Marbletown Community Center
3564 Main St., Stone Ridge, NY

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Global Dance Fusion is an uplifting dance exercise that embodies delight, that connects uplift, and reminds us that even within today's fast-moving, often stressed-out world we still have an opportunity to share our essential goodness. In order to align with our essential life purpose we need enough balance to actually hear the inner voice of our intuitions.

Her Global Dance Fusions classes are rooted in simple choreography derived from a mix of dance styles including Indian Kathak, Belly Dance, Bollywood and African inspired all combined with aerobic for a dance cardio workout.   Using an exhilarating global soundtrack and weaving Ayurveda nuggets of wisdom, (the sister science to Yoga), Nandini empowers women to get out of their ‘minds’ and move into their bodies to feel more connected, grounded and awaken their five senses to spark joy.




Nandini Natasha Austin is a British Born Mauritian certified Ayurveda Consultant, performer, 

Culinary Artist and the creator of Global Dance Fusion a fun empowerment practice for self-care. 

Nandini believes that every woman regardless of health history or age, can maximize their life force “Ojas” using the powerful healing modalities of Dance and Ayurveda aka - the Science of Life and longevity.  AKA Ayurvedance