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Soil to Soul presents: Monthly Herbal Circle with AnnMarie Tedeschi

Jul 16, 2024, 1:00–2:30 pm

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

Herbal Formulation 101
People’s Place - Wellness Empowerment Center
775 Broadway, Kingston NY 12401

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Herbal Formulation 101

Let’s join together each month to sip tea and discuss herbs!

March - January (3rd Tuesdays of each month) 1:00 - 2:30 pm

These workshops will be mostly interactive-based, beginning with a short presentation by AnnMarie on the topic of the day. Then the circle will be open for everyone to share about their experiences working with these herbs and to ask any pertinent questions.


2024 Schedule:

3/19 - Planning your Herb Garden
4/16 - Ethical Foraging with the Seasons
5/21 - Flower Essences
6/18 - Herbs for Children
7/16 - Herbal Formulation 101
8/20 - Herbs for Anxiety
9/17 - Making Medicine with Mushrooms
10/15 - Herbs for Pets
11/19 - Herbal Inspired Recipes for the Holidays
12/17 -Adaptogens and Herbs for the Immune System

2025 Schedule:
1/21 - Herbs for Pregnancy and Postpartum

AnnMarie Tedeschi has had a life- long affinity to nourish and support the people around her. Her passion as an herbalist is to empower people to understand the whole picture of their health and to make their own remedies. Also as an artist, she enjoys the creative process of blending formulas.
AnnMarie first became certified in 2009 by Jane Bothwell at the Dandelion School of Herbal Studies in California while also completing Rosemary Gladstar’s home study course in the same year. From 2012 - 2015, she worked as the Product Manager at Tweefontein Herb Farm in New Paltz. During that time, AnnMarie studied with Herbalist Kristen Avonti in Massachusetts. Then in 2017, she studied botany and clinical herbalism with 7-Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca.

AnnMarie currently runs a small business called Infinite Roots Herbal Creations, offering holistic health consultations, custom-made remedies and a variety of workshops. She also works with the Holistic Health Community to provide free consultations and products to the people in her local community of the Hudson Valley, NY.
For more information about Infinite Roots Herbal Creations, check out AnnMarie’s website: www.infiniteroots.org

Free ~ through Sacred Reciprocity: Co-sponsored by the Holistic Health Community, People’s Place and The Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation