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SOIL TO SOUL: Seed Starting with Ashley Sapir Lathrop of Dream Keeper Botanicals copy

Apr 21, 2024, 11:00 am–1:00 pm

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

Y-Community Garden
Park at YMCA 507 Broadway (walk to Susan St.)
Kingston NY

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Join Ashley Sapir Lathrop for a workshop to welcome the spring. Ashley is an Herbalist, Health Coach & Ritualist who loves living in rhythm with the turning wheel of the year. As winter ends and we move into spring, let's join together to plant both literal and physical seeds of intention. Ashley will talk to you about her favorite springtime herbs and health tips. You will also start a plant, from seed, to bring home with you.



Ashley Sapir Lathrop is grateful to live, forage and grow herbs in the Hudson Valley, beneath the Shawangunk Mountains. She is rooted in traditional medicine practices that connect people to plants. She has a Clinical Herbal Practice and works in an Integrative Medicine Clinic as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.


You can find out more at www.dreamkeeperbotanicals.com & dreamkeeperbotanicals on instagram and facebook.