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SOIL TO SOUL: Water Therapy with Herbs and Epsom Salts with Diana Seiler

Dec 21, 2023, 11:00 am–1:00 pm

Free through Sacred Reciprocity

People's Place - Wellness Empowerment Center
17 St James St, Kingston, NY 12401

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Water is life and this incredible element can offer us a soothing or invigorating reset when weary, tired or overwhelmed.

Join us for a therapeutic foot soak as we honor this sacred element and explore the many therapeutic uses of Epsom salts and herbs for different effects when added to a soak or scrub.

Together we will create a variety of salt blends to take home for future use.

Diana Seiler is the Director of Soil to Soul through the Holistic Health Community and is a certified hydrotherapist. She finds water therapy to be one of her key go-tos when needing a reset or simply for the enjoyment and meditative effect that it can inspire! She loves creating rituals and enriching experiences for and with others. Come join her for this hands (and foot)-on experience!


NOTE: If unable to attend after registering, please let us know!! Email: soiltosoul@holistichealthcommunity.org
Thank you!