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The New Earth: Ascendency into the Fifth Dimension

Oct 16, 2022, 4:00–6:00 pm

The Kiva
3588 Main Street
Stone Ridge, NY
(behind MaMA)

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Presented in collaboration with the Morty & Gloria Wolosoff Foundation

Come join us for a cosmic ride with ZaZar, channeled by Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D. ZaZar is a 6th dimensional ET being offering profound teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our mission on Earth and in the Cosmos. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather together to not only feel his beautiful presence but to hear his teachings about the fifth dimensional Ascendency Journey on Earth. There will be ample time to sit with ZaZar and engage in scintillating conversations about understanding the current times on Earth, human pitfalls and revelations and information from the higher dimensional planes. Questions, thoughts and sharing feelings are encouraged as he weaves a beautiful mosaic of higher frequencies and heart felt love.



Marilyn Gewacke, PH.D, downloads, transmits and channels his loving presence and guidance. For Marilyn, this journey with ZaZar has been awe inspiring, humbling and mind blowing. She is a clinical psychologist, channeler and author of two award winning books, "The Oneness of Being: Birthing the New Human" and “The ZaZar Transmissions: Pages from the Cosmos.” As she states,"there is no longer any doubt about our connection to our star family, our significant place in the cosmos and the beautiful journey unfolding on Earth. The cosmic multidimensional universe is most magical, mystical and seemingly incomprehensible, yet with the guidance of ZaZar we can begin to glimpse and touch this most magnificent world within and around us."



Though there is no charge for services, we encourage sacred reciprocity by making a donation, by offering volunteer service or by doing an act of loving kindness toward someone in need.