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May 29, 2020


May 25-29
Telephone and Online Video Options

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3rd Free Virtual Community Holistic Healthcare Week: May 25-29


Dear Friends of the Holistic Health Community,
We hope you are well and keeping yourself safe. We send you our love, aware more than ever of the deep importance of Community. May we all use this time to go inward and reconnect fully with the heart of our being.
We are happy to announce our third Virtual Community Holistic Healthcare Week. We were deeply moved by the response from you and from our practitioners during our first two Healthcare Weeks, and so we continue to offer Virtual Healthcare Weeks every month until we can meet you in person once again. Below is a list of the 23 practitioners offering long distance sessions during our 3d Virtual Community Holistic Healthcare Week, May 25 – May 29.
We ask you to make an appointment for one session only so the maximum number of people can benefit. The name of the modality is listed after the practitioner’s name. In some cases the practitioner will be offering the modality they usually practice at Healthcare Day and you can find the description of the modality here: https://holistichealthcommunity.org/services. In some cases, the practitioner is offering something different and that is described on the list. If you wish to find out more about our practitioners, you can find information about them here: https://holistichealthcommunity.org/faculty.
Because we have gone virtual, people from other parts of the country have signed up for sessions! We are delighted to have this new outreach. At the same time, because our mission is to serve our local community, we ask that:
Only LOCAL CLIENTS book appointments today through Tuesday, May 19.
We then open the booking up to everyone beginning Wednesday, May 20. 
Our BOOKINGS link has a new look. You will be asked to read and agree to our Informed Consent and Release Form before booking a session.
To make an appointment, go to: http://hhcny.simplybook.me  Once you make your appointment online, your name, appointment time, email address and phone number will be sent to your practitioner. Your practitioner will then contact you.
With love and our blessings,
The Governing Council
Holistic Health Community