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Nurit Nardi, MA  LMT  RCST

I am a somatic (MINDBODY) therapist, body worker and self realization coach and mentor, with thirty eight years of experience in the field of wellness.

I have supported hundreds who feel burdened with  heavy emotional load, to tolerate life ups and down in a new way, through fresh eyes, embodied presence and a courageous heart.


One on one offering:

Mind body therapy and coaching for childhood trauma and PTSD-

A healing process of recovering from the toxicity of living in a loveless home as a child, where you felt unwanted, unliked, rejected for a lengthy part of your childhood that resulted in a trauma engrained in your mind, soul and body.

Grow your confidence, self-worth and self-compassion - putting an end to your inner critic

 Focusing oriented therapy- getting unstuck

Your life feels heavy right now, you feel lost or stuck, or perhaps you lack the time and know-how to work on what matters to you …


Focusing offers a special way to listen to all different aspects of your inner self, giving it radical acceptance and compassion so you can open up “stuck” places that, despite your mental understanding, are still longing to be resolved.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

A gentle and a highly intelligent form of hands on bodywork which works with the central nervous system and the body as a whole to resolve physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances through deep listening to your body’s inherent health.  


I offer online courses, virtual and in-person workshop series, on the topics of mind- body wellness, dreaming and embodiment.