Focusing Oriented Therapy

Mind-Body Continuum

Do you ever sense that something "in there" knows, but you don’t have the words to describe it? That is your felt sense inside, your inner wisdom; your body knows, but you don't? Yet. 


Focusing Oriented Therapy helps you get an experience of what it is your subconscious mind knows, but your busy mind has kept it from you. It is a process of guiding you to a more still inner experience of what you are longing to know.

 It helps you shift life patterns, or solve issues that you keep repeating, changing the habits that keep you stuck. 

A one-on-one session is part counseling, part guided meditation, part visualization with the focus on you creating a new relationship with what keeps you stuck. 

Focusing helps you learn what you need to move forward in your life and leave habits behind that no longer serve you.  

 Generally speaking, depends on the issue you choose to work with, Focusing is a process which requires more than one session.