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Gerald Wintrob, MA, OD

Dr. Wintrob is a devotee of his own personal growth. He has taken numerous workshops and trainings -  too many countless to name here, all with the intention of evolving himself to the highest level possible. Dr Jerry Wintrob has been a practicing optometrist for more than 30 years. Dr. Jerry Wintrob knows the symptoms and hardships of vision-related challenges firsthand. He also knows the relief and joy of effective vision therapy treatment. When Dr. Wintrob was a child he suffered from a turned eye. His parents were insightful enough to enroll him in a vision therapy program and over time his problem was corrected. At the same time, it was discovered that he was nearsighted and needed glasses. His dependency on glasses was never addressed and his prescription continued to increase. When he became involved in optometry and vision therapy, he began to do exercises for himself. Today Dr Wintrob is motivated by a desire to help each and every person he meets. Dr Wintrob works hard to offer care which is compassionate, personal and effective.