Holistic Optometry

Holistic Optometry treats the cause of visual problems rather than treating just the symptoms. Difficulty concentrating when reading, headaches, double vision, an inability to maintain attention in school, at work and at the computer are some of the common problems that are addressed in this discipline. Through a program of exercises and activities, patients are able to strengthen their visual system, allowing them to go deeper into addressing the source of the problem, so that their overall visual functioning and processing can improve. Holistic Optometry works on more than visual problems. It is dedicated to vision enhancement. In other words, even patients who seemingly have no symptoms at all can be helped to improve their visual processing so that vision can be the effortless process it was intended to be. The visual system should be an equal partner with the other senses. Visual processing at this level enables participants to allow the channel between their own true selves and all that is, to be clear and open, enabling optimum visual performance.